About Us

Who are WE?

Founded and established under Celifit Enterprise in 2020, GoodFit strive to be Malaysia's #1 Wellness platform. We carefully curate quality and locally manufactured heath, fitness, wellness and beauty products that are natural and safe to use/consume. 


Redefine, Reset and Recharge

Take time for yourself to truly indulge in the gift of health BUT still be kind to the PLANET. GoodFit was born out of need to capture this state of mind - mindful about things that matter. Towards SUSTAINABLE living.


Curate what we believe in

We will never recommend something that we don't love, and think worthy of your wallet and time. We value your trust above all things.


Wellness for ALL

GoodFit inspires to tell the world that wellness is not a luxury. But we admit, it is quite an adventure. Just choose the right path for YOU.


Empowering women

Sisterhood is powerful, As we search for our own voices, GoodFit is designed to help with it all. We try to simulate this quest by bringing together great minds to share their empowering knowledge, talent and products.


Experience it naturally

Nature is at the root of all wellness. YES! We believe not only in Eating Clean but also; beauty comes clean! GoodFIt celebrates non-toxic living.